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         Dr.  Paul  Cochrane 

  Medical Center

  Closed on Friday May 25th for the Holiday!!

We will re-open on    Tues  May 29th!!

HAPPY Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!!!!!!
    Life is a gift so love your family and friends every minute of each day!! 

     God Bless you All!!!


         50  Main St. Hyannis MASS.
     IV Center
                    (508)  771-4413  
      Our Hours of Operation: 

          MONDAY   8-5pm

         TUESDAYS    8-5pm
         THURSDAYS  8-8pm

           FRIDAYS   8-5pm

       Sat and Sun  closed. 
       Wednesdays  closed. 

    Appointments not required (walk in care)

        Fenway Park welcomes Dr.Cochrane       


DSCI0339  Hyannis Medical Center                   



                               Our front office!!